We Created Stunning Wedding Florals

When my daughter told me she was getting married, I was the happiest mom in the world. I knew that she and her boyfriend were meant to be together, and I was looking forward to helping them have the best wedding day possible. She told me that she would like the two of us along with her two sisters to make the centerpieces and bridal bouquets, but I thought she was joking at first. We dabble, but this was something for the professionals! She told me she had looked up flowering arranging courses around Norfolk and found one that was perfect for the four of us.

She knew that we were creative with our own floral arrangements at home, but that was completely different than designing and creating a bridal bouquet. Still, she wanted it to be something the four of us did together, and she was bound and determined to find someone who would be able to help us. The course that she signed us up for is very quick but very informative too. The materials are provided, and we get a set block of time to have a professional florist help us create the most beautiful arrangements for her special day.

The funny thing is, we learned how to do the centerpieces and bouquets, but we learned so much more too. We learned how to organize flowers to make the perfect arrangement, and we also learned about the different kinds of materials that we would need to do not only large centerpieces but the delicate bouquets too. When we were done, we realized that we really do have a gift! We even made our instructor proud, as she said that people usually learn a good bit but she has never had them create such stunning pieces from her class. That is saying a lot!