My Grandma Has an Email Account Now

When I first started using the Internet, I had an email account with Hotmail. I know that other services have come into play since then, but I have always enjoyed the setup that Hotmail has. I figured if it isn’t broke, why try to fix it, which is why I have continued to use them and tell others about it too when they ask me which email provider they should go with. When my grandmother decided that she wanted to join in the email fun, I showed her the MSN Hotmail sign in page after I set her up an account.

I never would have thought that my grandma would end up having as much as she does with the email account I set up for her. She told me that a lot of her friends have been emailing for years, and she was catching up on the fun. Before, she would end up spending hours on the phone talking about things. Sometimes, she actually liked that, but most times she did not. Now that she can email just about everyone that she knows, she can spend just minutes instead of hours when she chooses an email over a phone call.

She and her friends might email each other once a week or ten times a day, depending on what is going on. She uses her email to get newsletters on gardening and recipe ideas, plus she has joined a Bible email study and a book email club. She told me that so much has opened up to her since she got an email account, and I could not be more pleased for her. She has worked hard all of her life, and it really is so pleasing to see her find joy in the little things. Who would have thought email would be one of those things that make her smile so much!