Moving Back to My Hometown

I thought when I told my daughter that we were moving to Raleigh, she would be upset. However, she was even more excited than I was. I was happy to be going home again. I was born and raised in Raleigh, but I had not lived there in nearly 20 years. My daughter has been there to visit her grandparents, but never for more than a week at a time. She was pretty excited to move so close to them, and she asked if we would be looking for a house or an apartment in Raleigh NC.

I figured that it would be easier for us to find a nice apartment, especially since so many new complexes have went up since I moved away two decades ago. We have lived in both, houses as well as apartments, and I think we both felt that apartment living was much better for the two of us. She asked if she could research the different apartments there, and I was happy to let her take on that task. My only requirement was that it was in a good school district because I wanted her to be able to transition into a new district with ease.

She loves to research different things, so she focused on finding the best school district first. She then looked at the different complexes in those areas, and she really liked Midtown Crossing Apartments the best. When she showed me the website, I was equally taken with it. I liked everything about it, including the location. It was only a few miles from my parents’ home, so my daughter would be able to go there anytime she wanted. I asked my dad about the apartments, and he confirmed that it was one of the best complexes in the area. That was all I needed to hear to submit our application for it, which was accepted rather quickly!