Lucky Enough to Have Found a New Job

I have been really lucky so far and that has continued. They shut down the rig that I had been working on up in North Dakota and I was really wondering if I was going to find another job in the oil industry. It is really tough right now given the market conditions. I was on my way back home to Oklahoma when I got a call from a guy I knew in Texas. He told me to look for an apartment in Lewisville TX. In fact he told me to find a three bedroom place, and that he was going to be down there in about a week or so. His boss is taking over some little oil field down in that part of the world, having been stuck with it more or less. Some guy owed him money, but there was not any way to get the money that he was owed. Instead he ended up settling for some inactive oil wells. The only way that he gets his money back is to get them operating and hope that the production costs are low enough to turn a profit.

Of course it is something that I do not really trust all that much to be honest. I have dealt with this fellow in the past and never been all that impressed by his integrity or his steadiness. In fact the guy is a wild eyed gambler and you can tell that he would turn on his own mother if he thought that he could profit from. My old friend knows this as well, but he knows that needs him. I am not all that sure that he needs me enough to make me want to trust him. I certainly can not trust him based on the strength of his character or his track record.