Left Picking Up the Scraps

A friend who likes to collect a lot of junk had a large pile of metal on his property that he couldn’t use. He asked me if I wanted to take it off his hands, and I agreed. I told him that I would look at some scrap metal prices and trade the metal in for a profit. My friend was fine with this, as long as I gave him a share of the profit. The pile was a mix of many different metals, some of which were older than others.

I’ve been trading in metal for money for years, and it all started when I collected soda cans in my teenage years. I collected the cans from home, from my neighbors, and even from school. They only gave me a few cents for a bag of coins, but that money added up over time. I eventually gained enough money to buy a car, and it was all thanks to the numerous people who drank soda. I saved up some more money and was able to pay for my first year of college. The college students made even more cans than the people at high school, and I basically paid my tuition each year with can profits.

I moved up from collecting soda cans to bigger pieces of metal. Most people will throw out something containing a lot of metal at some point in their lifetime. Old appliances that are beyond repair will wind up on a lawn. These items are full of valuable metals that can be sold and recycled. Even something like an old car can be broken down for some useful metals. As long as there are humans, there will always be scrap metal and a way to make money from it. You just have to get the metal before anyone else.