In the Market for a Small House

I have been looking around and trying to find a little house that is in my price range. Of course I am a single man and while I have some money, it is not as though I am made of the stuff. The place I was looking at this afternoon seemed really close to what I was looking it, but I had a house inspector look at it too. He said that I needed to get a quote on AC system replacement in Manhattan, NY before I went any further. Of course he said that the system on it was running, but that it did not seem as though it was likely to keep running a lot longer. I wonder how he can figure this, but he noted that the system was very old and that he was able to determine that it had already been repaired once at the least.

It is like an old car obviously. If you wanted to, you could keep your old car running until the end of the time. That would require a lot of work and a big pile of money though. You have to figure out what makes sense when it comes to that sort of thing. Usually after a car has been around for long enough to have a few hundred thousand miles on it, then it is going to come to a point of diminishing returns. For example when you have a car that is only worth a couple thousand dollars, then when you have to have some major work done to it, the cost of the repairs can easily exceed the book value of the car. It does not really make any sense to spend more money on it than it is worth and the same principle applies to anything else.