Finding Strictly Korean Programming Was Easy

When my mom asked me if I could find a service or website that offers Korean drama online, I honestly wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find that. Sure, there are all kinds of services for that if you want English programming, but I did not think that very many people want strictly Korean programming. Still, I told her I would see what I could find out. My search was actually easier than I could have expected. I did a quick search for Korean only programming, and that is how I found a website that is devoted just to that.

Granted, they do have Japanese programming as well, but there is plenty of Korean programming for anyone who wants it. It is not just a handful of movies either. There are television series, films, documentaries and so much more, and every single one of them is 100 percent Korean. When I showed my mom the site, I was surprised by how happy she was to see it. I know she knows a bit of the Korean language, but I didn’t think that she knew enough to even understand an entire movie.

When she told me that it was for one of her new neighbors, it made sense. Mom is always trying to help others, and it made sense that she would want to help one of her neighbors who speaks very little English. She thought that being able to watch some Korean programming would help her neighbor, and I had to agree that it was a great idea. I sat and watched one with my mom for a few minutes, but I did not understand anything about it. I still could tell that the film had quality acting in it, and it makes me smile that Mom wants to learn even more Korean so she can watch these shows with her new neighbor.