Monthly Archives: May 2016

Left Picking Up the Scraps

A friend who likes to collect a lot of junk had a large pile of metal on his property that he couldn’t use. He asked me if I wanted to take it off his hands, and I agreed. I told him that I would look at some scrap metal prices and trade the metal in for a profit. My friend was fine with this, as long as I gave him a share of the profit. The pile was a mix of many different metals, some of which were older than others.

I’ve been trading in metal for money for years, and it all started when I collected soda cans in my teenage years. I collected the cans from home, from my neighbors, and even from school. They only gave me a few cents for a bag of coins, but that money added up over time. I eventually gained enough money to buy a car, and it was all thanks to the numerous people who drank soda. I saved up some more money and was able to pay for my first year of college.

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In the Market for a Small House

I have been looking around and trying to find a little house that is in my price range. Of course I am a single man and while I have some money, it is not as though I am made of the stuff. The place I was looking at this afternoon seemed really close to what I was looking it, but I had a house inspector look at it too. He said that I needed to get a quote on AC system replacement in Manhattan, NY before I went any further. Of course he said that the system on it was running, but that it did not seem as though it was likely to keep running a lot longer.

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We Created Stunning Wedding Florals

When my daughter told me she was getting married, I was the happiest mom in the world. I knew that she and her boyfriend were meant to be together, and I was looking forward to helping them have the best wedding day possible. She told me that she would like the two of us along with her two sisters to make the centerpieces and bridal bouquets, but I thought she was joking at first. We dabble, but this was something for the professionals! She told me she had looked up flowering arranging courses around Norfolk and found one that was perfect for the four of us.

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Moving Back to My Hometown

I thought when I told my daughter that we were moving to Raleigh, she would be upset. However, she was even more excited than I was. I was happy to be going home again. I was born and raised in Raleigh, but I had not lived there in nearly 20 years. My daughter has been there to visit her grandparents, but never for more than a week at a time. She was pretty excited to move so close to them, and she asked if we would be looking for a house or an apartment in Raleigh NC.

I figured that it would be easier for us to find a nice apartment, especially since so many new complexes have went up since I moved away two decades ago. We have lived in both, houses as well as apartments, and I think we both felt that apartment living was much better for the two of us.

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Lucky Enough to Have Found a New Job

I have been really lucky so far and that has continued. They shut down the rig that I had been working on up in North Dakota and I was really wondering if I was going to find another job in the oil industry. It is really tough right now given the market conditions. I was on my way back home to Oklahoma when I got a call from a guy I knew in Texas. He told me to look for an apartment in Lewisville TX. In fact he told me to find a three bedroom place, and that he was going to be down there in about a week or so. His boss is taking over some little oil field down in that part of the world, having been stuck with it more or less. Some guy owed him money, but there was not any way to get the money that he was owed. Instead he ended up settling for some inactive oil wells. The only way that he gets his money back is to get them operating and hope that the production costs are low enough to turn a profit.

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Making Upgrades Was a Good Idea for Us

I have become quite dependent on my phone. That is something that I never expected to happen. My kids always loved theirs, but I really felt no need to upgrade beyond the basic version that I had that only allowed me to make calls and receive them. But when the major company I buy service from had an offer that was almost too good to be true, I decided to go for it. And I am so glad that I did. My kids have showed me how to find free android apps to download, and that is what really led me to find out just how good it is to use those.

I should explain a little about what I was using before, I purchased a phone years ago that allowed the usual calls that everyone is used to. I was able to text people, but did not really do much of that until my kids grew old enough to start texting me. It was then that I could really see how nice it was for them to be able to contact me in between a class without disturbing the teacher.

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