Monthly Archives: March 2016

Quicken As a Birthday Gift

I had heard of Quicken, but I thought that it was mostly for finance savvy people. I had no idea that the financial software program can help everyone from grandmothers living on social security to professional accountants. Since I fall closer to the social security receiving grandma than a pro with numbers, I just never considered it for me until my grandson purchased Quicken 2016 for my birthday. He had been trying to get me to become more tech savvy, and he has actually been pretty successful. The more he has shown me, the more my world has become more interesting.

Because of that, I let him install the program on the laptop he helped me pick out a year ago. He has helped me with my finances for a while now, so I had no problem with him setting my checking account, savings account, and two credit card accounts up on Quicken for me. He was then able to integrate them all together. For the first time ever, I was able to see the most comprehensive diagram of my finances.

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